Historical Publications

Since the MAES was created in 1885, MAES staff and researchers have worked to share valuable research findings with the world outside the University.

Our Minnesota Field Crop Trials and Minnesota Hardy websites share updated agricultural and horticultural crop information with local growers. These were formally print publications but have gone online to allow for frequent updating of information. PDF versions of past editions are available in the U's Digital Conservancy.

Below are some of the other publications that highlight key research that has led to policy change, new varieties, and crop diversification, among other significant societal impacts.

  • A Century of Research in Natural Resources - Published in 2003, A Century of Research in Natural Resources highlights key moments from 100 years of research in natural resource management and conservation. From reforestation to genetic diversity in crops and wildlife, U of M natural resource researchers have played an important role in our state's transition since the early 1900s.
  • Food for Life - Published in 2001, Food for Life is an illustrated catalog of 467 U of M releases of major and minor crops and the research that went into their development. Traditional crops like wheat, corn, oats, and soybeans are all included along with less common crops like forage legumes, sugar beets, grasses, and sunflowers.
  • From Genetics to Genomics - Originally published in 2006 with the assistance of Leland Hardmen, professor emeritus of Agronomy and Plant Genetics, the stories highlighted in Genetics to Genomics illustrate how research discoveries over the past century progressed from the whole plant or animal to the cell, to the chromosome, and now to the gene.
  • 150 Years of Hardy Plants - Published in 2000, 150 Years of Hardy Plants is an illustrated catalog of U of M releases of horticultural plants from apples and grapes to azaleas and chrysanthemums, and the research that went into their development.
  • Forage Legumes: Clovers, Birdsfoot Trefoil, Cicer Milkvetch, Crownvetch and Alfalfa (PDF) - An educational resource for students and a reference tool for agricultural professionals. This third edition, published in 2018, is available completely online and features new data in addition to preserving information from previous editions.