Sustainable Energy and the Bioeconomy

Minnesota is currently on track to meet renewable energy goals as the state continues to diversify its renewable energy landscape and bioeconomy. The University of Minnesota focuses on developing system-wide solutions that look at not only the output but inputs as well.

Research and Extension are committed to:

  1. Exploring new methods to produce biomass, biofuels, and other forms of renewable energy
  2. Analyzing the supply-chain of existing and new renewable energy technologies and processes
  3. Discovering best practices to reduce overall energy usage at home, on the farm, and in business
  4. Connecting individuals and communities to clean energy projects (CERTS)

Research Highlights

Previously, UMN researchers developed an anaerobic digester that handled another kind of waste — pig manure — but Twin Cities-based food bank Second Harvest Heartland was interested in seeing if such a system could help with the 1,500 tons of food waste, they discard to the tune of $200,000 annually.